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Buying Guide for Medical Practice Management Software

Introduction to Medical Practice Management Software

Patients evaluate care and customer service based solely on their experiences over the phone and while in-office. They respond to courtesy, respect and improvements in the medical issues that cause them pain and suffering.

But what a patient does not see or know about is the behind-the-scenes business structure that supports the quality of customer service they receive. From patient chart updates to insurance and billing, appointment scheduling and HIPAA compliance, these functions are essential to take care of each patient and earn referrals and repeat visits.

Many practices today turn to medical practice management software to automate as much of these functions as possible. This permits the types of efficiency improvements that allow you to take care of more patients more effectively and boost your rate of approved claims and fast payments as well.

In this Buying Guide, learn what you need to know to purchase medical practice management software for the first time or update the system you currently use.

Medical Practice Management Software Benefits

While not all medical practices today uses medical practice management software, those that do realize a number of benefits to help save money and improve efficiency.

NOTE: If you have an older software system that you want to upgrade, you may find it is not able to seamlessly interface with the new software, especially when you are also importing paper records. Here, it will be your choice to proceed with the update or transition to a whole new software system.

Benefits of the new medical practice management software:

Medical Practice Management Software Features

Before you even begin to shop, you and your staff should sit down and identify the features that are a priority for your practice. This will help you avoid being "oversold" during the presentation stage. At the top of your list should be total (not partial) HIPAA compliance - simply strike any software that does not provide full compliance off your list.

Features you should screen for when evaluating software:

Medical Practice Management Software Pricing

In this area, there is no "one set standard" for how prices are quoted. Some software providers will base your quote on the volume of patients you see, while others may base your quote on the number of computers the software will be installed on. So this can make it hard to compare prices if you don't understand how your quote is being generated.

What is important to understand is that after your initial investment, current statistics indicate you can save anywhere from thousands to millions annually based on the size of your practice.

What you can expect to pay for equipment, software and setup:

You can also expect to encounter minimum monthly fees regardless of the volume of your practice. And you want to be sure to ask about additional fees, since there are sure to be some.

Buying Tips for Medical Practice Management Software

Finally, be sure to keep these buying tips in mind before you make your final choice.

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