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Buying Guide for Maintenance Management Software


Managing an inventory, including vehicles and facilities, can be more than a handful to juggle each day. Your job is never over monitoring each asset, and the paperwork involved can become quite the nightmare if you are not always on top of it. One way to resolve this issue is to invest in maintenance management software.

Large businesses such as industrial plants, construction contractors, apartment owners, mall owners, car rental agencies or government, can all benefit from software that streamlines the process of overseeing facilities. While there are several different types of management software that offer different features, they're all made to achieve the same purpose: efficiency.


Like the name implies, maintenance is ongoing and does not end just because you checked something once. Every vehicle, machine and building involved in the business operations must regularly have maintenance performed so you know they are working well. Whether your roof requires regular replacement or oil changes must be performed after a certain number of hours, you will have your hands full just scheduling everything efficiently.

To streamline the process, maintenance management software lets you set parameters to generate daily work orders based on your maintenance schedule. The software will track when maintenance should be performed, what should be handled, as well as whether emergency repairs were needed.

Benefits at a glance:

Green benefits

In addition to the above benefits, using maintenance management software will help your company improve its impact on the environment by:

Should you get maintenance management software?

Small businesses might manage their maintenance using a spreadsheet or something equally simple. Still, even a few assets can end up disorganized over a long period of time, adding to the importance of efficient management. If you have more than four maintenance employees or must manage more than 40 assets, you will benefit from such a system.


There are three primary tiers of sellers of maintenance management software. The high end is dedicated to serving enterprises who manage hundreds of buildings and thousands of employees. The middle tier is designed for those who have anywhere from five to 10 different sites. Those with one location should stick with low end software.

Others may be made for certain subspecialties while others are designed to be broad and fit with multiple industries. For instance, a municipality might pick software specifically to monitor the maintenance of highways. Others may be designed for hospitals or managing vehicles. Others are more generic and work well enough, but may require more customization.

If you are looking at a generic maintenance management software system, look for a system designed in modules and that can be configured to suit your business. All versatile software should be able to adapt to the organization.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine your business needs and to figure out which kind of software will work best for you:

Any system you purchase should assist with your most basic needs. Modern systems can offer additional benefits like creating work orders, tracking hours and similar. This automation creates efficiency.


As one might expect, the cost for maintenance management software is quite a range. On the low end for a small business employing only four others could get away with a system that costs under a thousand. However, a company that manages thousands across multiple locations will look to spend closer to hundreds of thousands.

Several factors influence the cost of management software, and these will vary between sellers still.

Since all sellers differ their prices from one another, it's hard to accurately compare median costs. The most common structure puts a base cost on the program as well as an ongoing cost for every user that will access it. For instance, you might pay $5000 for the program but $200 a month for all employees to use it.

With this in mind, small companies might get a bundle with the software, setup and training for under $5000, whereas a smaller company might need to pay up to $15,000 to get additional professional licenses and services like data conversion.

Larger implementations are generally more complex, especially with a higher number of locations to implement them in. Such systems will normally cost more than $25,000 and only goes up as the system becomes more complicated. The largest corporations that span the globe will pay more than $50,000 just for the software, though additional services are included.

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