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Buying Guide for Call Center Software


Call centers today are often called "contact centers" because they do so much more than simply route calls. Today's call centers are capable of working through multiple channels to ensure customer inquiries are handled quickly and efficiently.

Also, because call centers today exist all across the world, the overhead they bear is declining sharply. Call center representatives may work from home as opposed to in a big corporate call center office. Both domestic and overseas call center options also exist, which can substantially lower your costs even further.

If you are considering what advantages your company may realize by outsourcing some or your entire call center functions, this Buying Guide will help you decide if now is the right time to make that move.


One of the main reasons that companies today choose to upgrade their call center technology is because it just makes good business sense. There are both cost advantages and service advantages that can be measured fairly immediately.

Whether you choose to bring in call center software for your in-house customer care staff or you decide to outsource the entire call center function to a provider, happy customers whose needs are handled promptly translates into better branding and sales in the immediate future.

Another great benefit for today's call center technology is an improved ability to communicate with hearing impaired or deaf customers and customers who may be speech impaired. Through texting to speech translation, TTY numbers and text telephones, you can make their experience interacting with your company much easier.

But perhaps the most compelling benefit to upgrading your call center function is the cost savings to you. You can improve your agents' ability to handle calls quickly and enable them to handle more calls in the same amount of time. You can identify how each agent performs so you can arrive at the optimal number of call center staff for peak and non-busy times. And you can view reports in near real-time to analyze calling patterns for your company and plan accordingly.

Features & Extras

Before you can shop effectively for the call center solution that is right for your company; you need to know what your options are. Here are some common features and extras that may quickly become invaluable for your business:


When you seek out quotes for call center software, you want to work with an agent who can help you identify real cost savings that can come from using this type of software (for instance, staffing reduction, better upselling, faster call handling).

Here you have two options: on-premises and hosted. Here are some ballpark prices for each:

Hiring Tips

Finally, be sure to consider these buying tips before making your final decision.

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