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Buying Guide for Accounting and Bookkeeping Services


Accounting is the method by which a business tracks its expenses and income and uses this information for business planning. Accounting includes tracking all monetary transactions and creating the appropriate financial documents that are necessary to run a business.

Bookkeeping is one of the most basic aspects of accounting services. This entails recording all income and payouts by a business and creating the appropriate spread sheets for financial and business planning. This service also is necessary for tax preparation and planning. In many cases, the accountant also handles tax preparation.

In addition to these basic services, an accountant offers businesses many additional services. Accountants can prepare business valuation statements, financial planning services, and auditing services. These valuable services are crucial to the financial success of any business.

Accountants And Tax Services

One of the most dreaded words that a business owner can hear from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is "audit." An audit can cost a business thousands of dollars in penalties and even more if they fight the findings of the audit.

A business that uses the tax services of a quality accountant can minimize the risk of undergoing an audit. An accountant knows how to document all financial transactions in a manner that is recognized by the IRS as correct. They can also make sure that all back up documentation is available so that any questions about a return can be proven.

In addition to this service, an accountant can help business owners decrease their tax burdens with careful planning and tax strategies. An experienced accountant can even use these strategies to help the business owner increase the value of their company because their tax burden is so low. Business owners will always benefit from accounting services when it comes to tax planning and preparation.

Additional Accounting Services

Many business owners do not realize all of the services that an accountant can provide above basic bookkeeping and tax planning services. These beneficial services include:

Pricing for Accounting Services

There are many different ways that a business can be charged for accounting services. Some accountants charge an hourly rate while others offer a flat fee. In most cases, basic accounting services for bookkeeping and tax preparation are charged at a flat monthly rate.

Different factors must be considered when calculating accounting costs. These factors include:

Accountants may also change how they bill a company once a relationship has been established. Many accountants will bill by the hour until they understand the depth of the services they will need to regularly provide the company. Once a working relationship has been established, most accountants switch to a flat fee for services.

Tips to Keep Costs Down

Businesses may find that there are several little things that they can do that will greatly reduce the expenses associated with an accounting service. These simple tricks can also help reduce costs and stress in other areas of the business as well.

You can also speak to your accountant about ways to cut costs from their point of view.

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